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Selkirk Rex cats as a breed are visually very diverse, which is also evident when looking at our clowder. The clowder currently consists of several cats, both short- and long-haired, mainly in shades of lilac and blue. We also have our own male, which we were looking for based on character.

We do our best to ensure that Selkirk Rex cats coming from our cattery are characterized by their sociable disposition and willingness to spend time with people. Most of the cats living with us have achieved interchampion status and recognition in the eyes of judges at international and world cat shows.


Nuka is the first breeding Selkirk Rex cat in the Sand & Waves cattery. She was born in August 2018. Shorthair type with beautifully curly coat and lilac bicolor (SRS code c03). Her build is petite and light, conforming to the breed standard. Characterologically she is extremely sociable and eager to play, but also very independent – she likes to walk her own way.

Nuka, unlike Celina (the first cat of this breed in our home) loves walking outside, but always returns when called. If anyone has heard of the “dog traits” of Selkirk Rexes, this is one of them. We have included more information about Selkirk Rex traits on our “About the Breed” page.

Nuka won the Champion title on the national cat shows organized by Polish Feline Association, where she was nominated to Best in Show. She also took 5th place in WCF Adult Ring.


Agda Sand&Waves*PL – the first female born in our cattery. She is a blue bicolor with very thick fur (SRS code a03).

Like her mother – she is the type of cat who enjoys human company very much but enters into relationships on her own terms. She loves playing, especially hunting, and being outdoors. With her in mind we built an aviary, called “catiary” in our house.

If you would like to see what Selkirk Rex kittens from our cats look like, please visit the Current Litter page and Instagram, where we share photos from our daily lives

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