Purchase rules

All Selkirk Rex kittens available in our cattery are purebred and have a pedigree.

This is important, because a pedigree issued by an association affiliated to the WCF (World Cat Federation) is a guarantee that the cat does not come from an unaffiliated cattery, is healthy and that all its needs (health, psyche, having its own space) are met.

To reserve a Selkirk Rex kitten, email/phone contact is required.
We prefer to talk on the phone, because it is necessary to discuss the expectations of future owners and the nature of the breed. The next steps are signing the Preliminary Agreement and paying the deposit.

Currently it is not possible to visit our kennel. The cattery operates under sanitary regime. However, it is possible to see the kittens and parents via video connection. This possibility is used by Selkirk Rex lovers who want to see their future companions and learn more about them.

Because we spend at least 3 months with our cats, we know their character, what they do and don’t like. Such a meeting is also an opportunity to get more information on introducing the cat into the house.

Handing over kittens to new owners

The kittens can leave the cattery at the earliest when they reach the age of 12 weeks (3 months), however we prefer 13-14 weeks. During this time the kittens stay with a female cat who teaches them the rules of hygiene (use of a litter box and a scratching post). The kittens spend most of their time with us, so they are fully socialized.

Kittens leave the cattery with a set of documents (pedigree, health book), required vaccinations (two-time vaccination for panleukopenia, calicivirus, herpes) and layette. At the time of leaving the cattery with a new owner we sign a purchase contract, confirming their rights and obligations. Additional documentation and vaccinations are carried out at the request of the new owners.

It is possible to arrange an individual time to pick up the kittens, but not before they are 12 weeks old. We know that in life there are various unforeseen situations, and we should help each other. But remember, we are still talking about living, sentient beings with their own character.

Price of Selkirk Rex kittens

The price of kittens varies from whether we are talking about a breeding cat or a companion cat. Our kittens are first and foremost domestic pets, hence the purchase of a cat for breeding purposes requires a number of additional detailed arrangements.

In our cattery the price is set individually for each kitten, depending on their characteristics. That is why we ask for a phone call or an e-mail before deciding about the purchase.

We also always reserve the right to refuse to sell a cat. This is not dictated by our bad will, but by our concern. We know, for example, that the cat has a character and needs completely incompatible with those of its future owners. This would mean stress for both parties, so then we look for another solution. We often recommend another cat breed and another cattery.

Since some of you are asking about the price of our kittens, we would like to answer: the price of kittens is an individual decision of a breeder, dictated both by economic issues and market conditions, as well as personal ones. The prices of kittens vary from one cattery to another and even from one felinological association to another.

We think that running a cattery requires not only passion and love for cats, but also a lot of knowledge and effort. Apart from strictly economic issues (vaccinations, food etc.) we are close to our cats, and they are part of our family. That is why we believe that prices should be balanced between availability and the emotional value of having a new member in your family.

Additional information

We do not support early spaying and neutering of kittens due to research indicating negative effects of such procedure on psychological maturation of animals and urinary tract problems. Therefore, in the case of kittens coming from a cattery the future owner is obliged to spay/neuter the kitten before it is 8 months old. Detailed obligations in this matter are regulated in the contract.

In case of mating with male cats from outside of cattery, we are bound by the provisions of the mutual agreement. This means that the kittens from such a mating have to be spayed or neutered before being sold.

We are always available to help with feeding, acclimatization and raising kittens. E-mail or phone should dispel any doubts.

We are happy to stay in touch with the new owners of our kittens. We are very interested in periodic reports from the new home along with information about the new curly family member.

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