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Cats have been with us since forever. The first one joined our family by accident and stayed for long years. A similar coincidence was the appearance of Celinka, the first Selkirk Rex cat. The coincidence was that we really wanted to have a “British” cat and we were frantically looking for it on the Internet.

But we found her – very “British” in appearance, but with a wonderful, wavy coat and after her prime. Celinka, although she came to us by accident, made us fall in love with Selkirk Rexes and after 4 years we decided to start our own cattery.

How was the Selkirk Rex cattery
“Sand &Waves“

The idea for a Selkirk Rex cattery coincided with leaving the city and moving out to the country. When we decided that our cats would have enough space to be comfortable, we put our plan in practice.

The cattery “Sand & Waves” got its name from the “sandy” color of our first female selkirk rex cat – Nuka – and from her wavy (rexed) coat.

From the very beginning the cattery is a member of the Polish Feline Association (PZF), the oldest and the biggest organization associating breeders of pedigree cats in Poland. In reality we do care about our cats and their offspring. It’s real prior to us. That’ why when you buy a cat from “Sand & Waves” you can be sure of its welfare. Caring of the welfare remember about other aspects of cat’s life in breeding. First of all, breeding is under constant veterinary care. We are also registered in County Veterinary Inspectorate. We also take care vaccinations, proper feeding and pedigree.

We know that leaving our walls, kittens go to wonderful homes and responsible, loving people, with whom they will spend the rest of their lives. We hope that in our cattery you can find companions for years to come.

selkirk rex cat

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